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Fanworks is going to produce an anime promotional video for popular NFT game “CryptoNinja”

On January 31, 2022, Fanworks, in collaboration with Tokyo Otaku Mode, TSUCREA, and THE BATTLE, will launch a joint project to produce an anime based on “CryptoNinja”, a popular NFT work from Japan with a ninja motif. The purpose of this joint project is to produce an animation based on the NFT and to conduct various demonstration experiments related to the NFT.


As the first step of this experiment, Fanworks has decided to produce an anime promotional video.

In the future, this project plans to implement various “NFT verification experiment projects” linked to the produced anime promotional video, and will consider not only promotional video but also animation.


Recent trends in overseas NFT collections (BAYC, RTFKT, etc.) have led to the creation of new IP from NFT projects.


Official Twitter account :

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