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Notice of Corporate Site Full Renewal

Fanworks, Inc. is pleased to announce the full renewal of our corporate website, which we have been preparing for our 15th anniversary.


We’ll inform you that the site has been launched. We have worked on improving the website design to make it the corporate site even easier to use and understand for everyone by doing the following.

The new site clearly states the company’s history and corporate philosophy, and introduces the projects we have been involved in, animation videos, and news.

We also expanded our site to overseas markets (strengthening our English pages) and made it  responsive design for smartphone.


In addition, we will be actively communicating on various SNS (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook) in conjunction with the renewal of the corporate site, and we hope to continue to provide content that will be more enjoyable than ever.


We hope that you will enjoy our corporate website and SNS as well as our news.





Here are some of the key points of the new look!

1.Focus on improving design, incorporating more videos and images.


2.Enhance the archive of past works.


3.Expanding to English pages for overseas users.


4.Responsive Web Design for optimal viewing on multiple devices such as smartphones.





We are also updating our SNS!



今日はファンワークス のオフィスの中を覗いてみましょう🤓

Let’s take a look at inside of…

株式会社ファンワークスさんの投稿 2021年3月23日火曜日




We will continue to improve our contents and aim to make the corporate site more useful and enjoyable for everyone.


Fanworks Inc.



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