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The awaited last season! The Netflix series “Aggressive Retsuko(Aggretsuko)” Season 5 is to start streaming on February 16th! Take a look at the key visual and official trailer!

Sanrio Company, Ltd, TBS Television Inc., and Fanworks Inc. are proud to announce the release of the fifth season of the Netflix series Aggressive Retsuko(Aggretsuko) on February 16th, 2023. Ahead of the broadcast, we would like to present to you the key visual and official trailer !


The official trailer:

The Aggressive Retsuko (Aggretsuko) portrays the life of Retsuko, a female worker who clears her frustration from her boss, colleagues, and the world by singing her heart out to death metal. It soon became a hit after being released on Netflix in 2018 and has successfully broadcasted four seasons. The popularity remains, as we welcome the release of the fifth season.


The story starts with Haida quitting work and spending his life playing around, which puts his relationship with Retsuko at stake. Haida gets kicked out of his parent’s apartment and experiences living in an internet cafe. To save him from the awful life, Retsuko decides to live together with Haida. The couple then meets Ikari, who introduces himself as a member of the Diet. To Retsuko’s surprise, Ikari scouts her to run for election from his party. Will the story involve an election campaign? What obstacles will Retsuko face in the end? And most importantly, what is the fate of Retsuko and Haida…!?

The awaited last season will have the answer to all these questions, so please stay tuned!!