Privacy Policy


At Fanworks Inc. (hereinafter "our company"), the company that operates this site, we pay the utmost attention to the management of the corporate information and personal information (hereinafter "corporate/personal information") of those who use the "Fanworks Home Page" (hereinafter "this site") that our company manages and operates. Information is handled through the following management system and management policies.

1. Corporate/Personal Information

Excluding instances that are clearly indicated when corporate/personal information is disclosed by users, corporate/personal information obtained by our company will only be used to provide the various services offered by our company, for verification purposes, and to get in contact.

2. Disclosure of Corporate/Personal Information

As a general rule, our company will not disclose corporate/personal information collected from users to a third party. However, instances that correspond to any of the following shall be excluded.
-Instances in which consent has been granted by the user(s).
-Instances required by law or similar authority.
-Instances in which our company or a public institution determines that it is necessary to protect the life, health, assets, or other significant interests of the user(s) themselves, our company, or the public.

3. Confirmation, Revisions, etc. to Corporate/Personal Information

Should the users themselves desire to confirm, revise, etc. corporate/personal information, we will respond promptly within a reasonable timeframe should an inquiry be made to our company's customer point of contact.

4. Internal Management of Corporate/Personal Information

We have established regulations (Confidential Information Management Regulations, etc.) regarding the handling of corporate/personal information related to users themselves and strive to appropriately protect corporate/personal information by preparing an organizational system.

5. Consignment and Entrustment of Corporate/Personal Information

Should our company consign the processing of corporate/personal information to an external party, we will mandate the prevention of leakage or re-provision through a contract and carry out appropriate management. In addition, we will use corporate/personal information that we receive within the scope of the contract under fair management. However, any of the following instances shall be excluded.
-Instances required by law or similar authority
-Instances in which our company or a public institution determines that it is necessary to protect the life, health, assets, or other significant interests of the owner(s) of the corporate/personal information, our company, or the public

6. Compliance

We will obey laws and criteria applied to the corporate/personal information owned by our company and will maintain and improve the efforts and protective activities listed in each of the above sections.

7. Safety Management

We will keep the corporate/personal information of users in a state that is accurate and up-to-date and carry out measures to prevent the illicit access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information.

8. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

E-mail Fanworks Inc. at

9. Changes to the Handling of Personal Information

We will constantly review the handling of personal information and carry out maintenance and revisions as needed based on current regulations and standards.