Zannen na ikimono ziten the movie


<”PENTABI” in Antarctica>

One day, Adelie penguin and his penguin friends, who want to be popular with the ladies living in the Antarctic, meet a lost emperor penguin and decide to take her back to her family. Can Adelie and his friends get her back safely?

Disappointing point: Adelie penguins are much less alert to danger.


<“Leroy’s Home Tree” in Australia>

Leroy, a pampered koala living on a nature-rich island, sets off on a journey to find his own “home tree,” a eucalyptus tree! He travels with Kooka, a blue-winged kookaburra, and Wanda, a wombat, but there are many dangers along the way! Will Leroy be able to find his own “home tree”?

Disappointing point: Koalas sleep all day long because of a poisonous substance contained in eucalyptus!


<“Hachiawase no Mori” (The Hachiawase Forest) in Japan>

Usao, a Japanese hare who thinks he is the strongest rabbit in the world, and Tsukiko, a black bear who is timid and unsure of herself, run away from home and go on a journey with nowhere to go. As they wander through the forest, they encounter creatures they have never encountered before, and they are in a panic! Will Usao and Tsukiko make it back to their home?Disappointing point: Hares don’t really want to jump.


A film adaptation of the popular children’s book series “Zannen na ikimono jiten” (published by Takahashi Shoten), which introduces surprising aspects of living creatures, that have not been told much until now, with Fanworks in charge of animation production.

Original Work

Takahashi Shoten’s “Zannen na ikimono jiten” Book Series


<”PENTABI” in Antarctica>

<“Leroy’s Home Tree” in Australia>
Director:Iwata Naomi Screenwriter:Yoichi Kato

<“Hachiawase no Mori” (The Hachiawase Forest) in Japan>
Director:Kei Yoshimizu Screenwriter:Toru Hosokawa

Animation Production



All ages


(C)Zannen na ikimono ziten the movie Film Partners.

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