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Chickip Dancers

2023 Season’s Greetings

We would first like to express our gratitude for all the support we received from you last year. It was our privilege to dedicate our services to our valuable customers.


Last year, in addition to our TV series, we staffs worked on producing animated works that have become well-known among viewers. For example, Zannen na ikimono ziten the movie, which we’ve been working on for three years, the animated TV series Uchuu Nanchara Kotetsu-Kun Season 2, Chikipdancers Season 2, Obakezukan Season 2, and the upcoming Netflix series Aggretsuko Season 5. On top of that, we announced the release of the movie Sumikkogurashi 3 on December 23rd. Thus, we were fortunate to work on more productions than in previous years.


As this year is the first year of our three-year plan to celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2025, we would like to reflect on our starting point and think again about our role in the complicated animation & character industry and the goals we should achieve.


The yearly New Year Greeting cards would feature the popular Chikipdancers, with “Move your body, as your heart will too!” as the message. We are planning even more exciting activities this year, so please stay tuned!


Lastly, we wish you good health and happiness for the period ahead. We look forward to serving you again this year!


Best regards,


Akira Takayama

Fanworks Inc. CEO


January 1st, 2023